Schmeisser Broadhead Two


The blade thickness on all sizes is 2 mm (0.08”).
The cutting edge on all sizes is 16° with a 4 mm (0.16”) wide grind.

This blade has an intricate cut out that matches the shape of the ferrule to give it a groundbreaking extended contact surface and self-locating and locking characteristic. This combination provides increased integrity and transmission of energy.

The thick blade and wide cutting edge create larger wound cavities. Tissue and skin are literally spread apart. Wounds like these do not close easily A convincing blood trail is the result.

Manufactured from special VA knife steel, hardened to 55 Rockwell creating a broadhead that possesses:

• Unparalled hardness without brittleness
• Remarkable edge retention
• Exceptional balance

The special heat treatment applied ensures extreme sharpness and an extraordinarily tough blade, a blade that is going to last.



The Schmeisser Archery Broadhead Two is meant to be reused again and again, just like your high quality hunting knife.



We apply a radius to the ferrule, where your arrow shaft will self-center itself when screwed on. Unless you have a crooked shaft and insert, this will avoid wobbling completely.

1) Aluminum alloy ferrule
used on all sizes (besides the steel ferrule models)

58 Rockwell made of an extremely tough, special aluminum alloy.

The ferrule will snap before it bends if it encounters solid material. Wobbling caused by bent broadheads is not an issue anymore. After a shot, like hitting heavy mass bone, you can always be sure it is straight if it is in one piece.

The finished product: