ATA 2016


We are less than two months away from the premier archery event in the world, the Archery Trade Association Show January 5-7 2016 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY.  As usual, the Schmeisser Archery booth, Booth 852, will be the epicenter of the archery universe! The world’s foremost longbow archer, Byron Ferguson, will be showcasing his signature line of Schmeisser Broadheads and talking all things longbow January 5th and 6th from 10:00-11:00AM and from 2:00-3:00PM, and on January 7th from 10:00-11:00AM. Mike and Heather Ray, co-hosts of the popular “The Wild Life with Mike and Heather” will be there all day, every day sharing their bow hunting experiences with their Schmeisser Broadheads. You do not want to miss a single minute! See you in Louisville!

3 harvests in 9 days

Florentin Garcia from Spain harvested 3 animals with the same Byron Ferguson Broadhead by Schmeisser Archery in just 9 days.

Congratulation from Schmeisser Archery

300 lbs - Black Bear

Congratulation to our Customer Bryan Treen for this beautiful Black Bear.

He used the 145 grain Byron Ferguson Broadhead by Schmeisser Archery.

Great harvest.

Many thanks to Suburban Bushwacker

Excerpt from the report at

While we're on the subject of durability the lovely people at Schmeisser Archery have sent me a couple of broadheads for testing.  First impressions are they are very well balanced - at 10m there was no desirable difference in point of impact from my field points , and they're a lot easier to dig out of a tree stump than the three bladed designs. As to their claim to durability?  We'll have to see in subsequent testing, they do seem tough as old boots.


Hoping to get down there again this weekend - new toy has been ordered, if the postie does his bit we'll find out if you can really spend your way to accuracy?


More soon
Your pal

Congratulation Nelson Tuncks

Congratulations to our Australian Pro-Staffer Nelson Tuncks for this great Buck.

Congratulations to Kent Michie

Recent black bear harvested by the Trigger Effect team. Taken with a 100 grain Schmeisser broadhead, the world's toughest broadhead!

Congratulations Heather Ray


Heather: "I'm extremely impressed with the Schmeisser Broadhead.
Blew through the shoulder of this boar at 18 yards with my 40# Martin Krypton...and my broadhead is still in perfect and deadly!"

The Devolved


"For years the Skukuza community had been clinging to the belief that their Utopia could not possibly be the last bastion of civilisation on the African continent.

Now there was hope, in the form of a vapour trail in the morning sky.

However, the hope soon turned to despair as a new threat became apparent.

Man was the apex predator, the undisputed king of all mammals. But now, over the arid plains and through the desolate jungles of Africa, extinction was stalking not only mankind, but all things living. Man was about to pay the ultimate price for years of benevolence and humanitarian aid, which had run out decades ago…

There is no circumventing the basic laws of nature – a fact that was about to become abundantly clear.

The first ones who dared to cross were compelled to do so by pressure from the masses behind.

None of them made it. From the flotsam rose a destructive force that had existed only in their genetic memory for generations. The folklore and superstitions of their ancestors had suddenly come to life.

The destruction was complete and the retreat chaos.’

Dr Leon Mare BChD (Cum laude)"


If you pre-order now, Amazon will deliver the book to your kindle, Smartphone or computer on May 28.

Marcus Spears

about to go to work with my new broadheads thank you @SchmeisserBH #thebigswagu @DFWOutdoorsman #hunttolive

Paul Hayes


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional craftsmanship of your broadheads. Hunting with a recurve bow, I need every advantage available.
Was skeptical at paying this much for broadheads, but could immediately tell they were of the finest quality. Upon opening the package, the heft, symmetry, and edge were self evident of your skill.

Your 150gr head passed through the Elk you see below at just under 30 meters. The bow is only 52lbs. The elk went about 50 meters, layer down, and expired. Ideal performance, and was amazed at how unaffected the head was. It looked as if I had just pulled it out of the package.

I will leave my boots at home before I hunt without these heads, a great product at any price!

My success is yours as well....... Paul