Functionality and innovation are core values at Schmeisser Archery and the company’s philosophy is founded on the highest quality approaches of Austrian gunsmiths and German engineering. Schmeisser Archery products are not mass-produced but premium hand crafted pieces. Schmeisser Archery considers this an obligation to meet the ambition of today’s archery enthusiasts. Schmeisser Archery will continue this standard in all future developments. Schmeisser Archery is situated in Neumarkt, Austria near Salzburg. Not only do we deliver well known Austrian quality, we utilize our know-how to develop and bring you, the dedicated bowhunter - the best money can buy.


If you have come to a point that you wish to graduate from normal, commercially designed and made broadheads which have the best aerodynamical attributes, then look no further than a Schmeisser Archery Broadhead.

Schmeisser Archery Broadheads closely resemble the shape of a falcon as it stoops to attack it’s prey. This perfect shape eliminates planeing and has ideal flight attributes in all conditions.

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